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" If you sell and build just 25 pools per year, then...
I will show you how to
with only 5 more sales!
And I will even help you make the sales."
Of course, this works if you sell more, too.

How can we make such an outrageous claim? 100% more income on 20% more sales? It doesn't seem to compute... but it does! Using the magic of key meytrics and our unique selling process you can focus your efforts on the critical areas that make the greatest difference in your bottom line. Use our online calculator with your numbers to see for yourself how much a 10% increase in your key metrics will increase your NET profit. Feel free to call to discuss your situation and whether this program can help you. Hal will be glad to explain, in detail, how we achieve such great results.

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The selling of a lifestyle:
There are far more people who will pay a lot more money for a lifestyle change than there are people who want to simply buy a pool. You'll provide a better service and earn a higher reward when you sell a lifestyle rather than a product. This program is a complete system of training and tools for successfully doing just that.

Why should I believe?

Why should you believe that Hal Slater understands your problems? With nearly 30 years of high-end pool design, sales and building experience, Hal knows what is needed to successfully complete this highly complex, yet rewarding, sale. Hal is an author, speaker, inventor, as well as, an original and acknowledge expert on sales psychology. More about Hal...

What will I learn?
You will learn the how and why of using a complete set of customized sales tools to measure, draw, present and close the high-end pool sale in two visits. Regardless of the approach you are currently using, this system will reduce the time required to sell a project while increasing your close rate and profit margin. About the Program...
Are you getting your share?

For the past few years, the swimming pool industry has been growing at 15%-25% per year; our graduates are growing at 50%-200% per year. If you can do that with your business, why wouldn't you? Here are the many ways in which we can help. About our results...


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