Improve your sales process by focusing on your buyers' behavior patterns and studying the psychology that drives a sale.The escalating costs of making a sale have made direct sales of low-cost items virtually obsolete in today's marketplace. Yet most selling techniques still revolve around concepts developed in the 1930s, when person-to-person sales of low-ticket items were the norm.

The Secrets of High Ticket Selling by Hal Slater uses contemporary psychological research to teach you how to understand the behavior of your buyers to improve your unique sales process, leaving you with more control over your sales process and its outcomes. The Secrets of High Ticket Selling describes advanced negotiating skills, language patterns, and gestures that enhance a buyer's excitement.

You will also learn methods for picking up on a prospect's objections and doubts early in the sale and heading them off. This book stresses that the quality of the sale is far more important than the number of prospects you pitch, and that in today's high ticket market you must work smarter, not harder. If you have a proven sales method, trying to change your process will not bring results.

The Secrets of High Ticket Selling instead teaches you to build on your success by studying the dynamics of the sales transaction to discover areas for improvement. Once you have identified the steps in your process to be refined, you will have a better understanding of your own sales psychology and the needs of your target market.



First Call Closing:
The One Match Campfire
by Hal Slater
©1993 160 pages

A solid introduction to the art of selling in nearly any environment. With a complete set of exercises and worksheets in the appendix, this book is especially helpful for group training or self-study.

It also includes The One Match Campfire, the story of Jerry who uses the main point of the book to become the family hero. (Free download available at this link.)


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Book reviews from buyers

Career Reborn!,
What goes up must come down... or that's what they want you to believe. After being #1 in sales for over 30 years, I fell into a slump that lasted over six months. [I was] thinking that I lost it, and that I might have to change to a job other than in sales, when a longtime friend suggested Hal's wonderful book. Not only has it pulled me out of the muck, it has helped the entire sales team focus on what is important. Our ticket is $10,000 and up, and I am so happy that I found this book! It's a must-read for all who are serious about sales... thank you, Mr. Slater!

Buyer's Choice,
As a professional buyer who has spent millions of dollars in a single day, I commend Hal Slater's book. I was pleased there were no tricks and manipulations. I enjoyed reading about the process to make it easier for both the buyer and the seller. Bravo!

Worthy of my time and money.
After reading Hal Slater's book you should put his advice to work. I did and immediately began closing more, and larger, sales. Being in the home repair industry, nearly every sale is high ticket. With the skillsets that Hal Slater offered I am now able to offer my customers the value they deserve and offer it in a much more compelling way. Read Hal Slater's book and ENJOY the benefits now.

Extremely Helpful
Being new to sales (and even newer to "High Ticket" sales) I certainly have a lot to learn. Thanks to Mr. Slater, I now have the tools I need to be a success in my new field. I have already taken additional money to the bank because of the lessons taught in his book and expect to L/EARN even more.

A Compelling Value, Money Well Spent
After reading Hal Slater's book, and apply only some of the many skill sets offered, I have developed a 40% closing ratio in a high-ticket industry. While my average sale is over $4,300, it is nearly always compared with, and shopped against, the three other largest competing companies (home repair) in my area for price, quality and value. My ability , thanks to Hal Slater, to communicate on a plane with the prospect that allows me to receive immediate, and nearly invisible, feedback from them has helped me, and my new customers, a great deal. When you study Hal Slater's book, pick 1 or 2 skill sets you will feel comfortable with. Practice them in the field and in your personal relationships and ENJOY the results. Hal Slater's book, and video if you can get it, offer a compelling value and, to my customers and me, it is money well spent.

Read this book, now. You'll be fortunate
Excellent. Mr. Slater, refreshingly, is a salesman in the tricky trenches. With laser beam focus he clearly illustrates what selling is about. If you can effectively communicate with any other human being and get the response you want, spend your money elsewhere.