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2007 Program
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NESPA on "Growing Your Profit with Key Metrics"

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Gold Medal Pool Builder Retail
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What makes this program so effective?

The Gold Medal Pool Builders Program works so well because it is not simply a training program.

Hal Slater provides:

Tools: Hal will show you how to custom-print the sales forms and presentation materials for your company with your logo, company information and pool photos.

Training: We spend two full days together while Hal shows you what works when you are closing High Ticket buyers and how to use and maintain this unique pool selling system.

• Coaching: We work together to adapt the system to your unique situation. There is no limit to your access, in fact, Hal calls students far more often than they call him.

Now's the time for you to live the lifestyle of your dreams!

Follow the links above and read all about the Gold Medal Pool Builder Program and I think you will agree that Hal Slater may have a more comprehensive plan for making your next year a success than you currently do. Why wouldn’t you go with Hal Slater's plan?

Make the call right now - (888) 883-9979. It will be the start of a whole new life for you. A life of leisure and wealth where you can work hard and play hard with the secure feeling that your business is thriving and will continue to grow.

So, to review it all, you get:

• Two (2) days of Intensive Training on the System

• Live Coaching on using the System

• All for only $1,500 - (accomodations and transportation extra)

Dozens of builders have gone through this program and our enrollment is more than doubling every year! Why? Because our students are serious about their business and … Many have increased their earnings by more than $15,000 per month!

Pool and spa building is hard work in a high risk industry. It is not for the faint of heart and, if you are a pool builder, you deserve to live well. You should be able to offer your family a secure lifestyle that makes them proud of you. If you do good work, you deserve the respect and admiration of other builders in your area, too.

When sales are good and the jobs are profitable, you have the best job in the world. I remember being on digs, directing the tractor, placing rocks, carving out new backyards and many times saying to myself, “I can’t believe they actually pay me to do this!”  When it is all working, pool and spa building is just plain fun. When it’s not working, it can be torture.

Burning gas to run leads that don’t buy, designing and drawing pools that you don’t build, in essence, working for free. That is not fun but there is a solution. Hal Slater's programs consistently produce results.


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