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2007 Program
Jan 24 Atl City
NESPA on "Growing Your Profit with Key Metrics"

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Among our Graduates with more than a year of experience…
  • Our least improved student increased sales by 50%.
  • Our most improved tripled his sales.
  • On average, everyone doubled their previous year's sales.

You probably want to know what the program costs. Just as with shopping for a pool, your first concern should be...“What do you get for your time and money?”

Now you can live the lifestyle of your dreams!

For example:

Geoff Mobbs of New York sold 8 pools for a total of $728,450 in his first month after the Nov '03 training!

Ted Puryear of Spokane, WA sold 11 pools in the year before and 24 pools the year after the training.

Robert Moore of Carona, CA is practically new to sales, yet, he has sold 11 high-end pools in the first six months

David Akins of Delton, TX sold 31 pools in the year before and 64 pools the year after the training.

Larry Rogers doubled his sales after attending a July class and then more than doubled his sales again the following year.

John Oliver of Tulsa, OK sold 13 pools in the year before and 35 pools the year after the program.

Bruce Thrasher of Huston, TX reports that after the program, he has been able to stay as busy in the winter as he usually is in the spring and summer.

Frank Ferrari used the program and materials to launch a new pool company and has single-handedly sold in excess of $4 million each year since.

Doug Taylor of Boise, ID sold seven pools, averaging over $50,000 each, in the first six weeks after he began to implement what he learned in the program.


Hal Slater Explains:

In the speaking and training business it has been accepted as fact that, if 5% of an audience actually takes action on the information, the speaker has been successful.

I regularly receive testimonials from speaking engagements, praising my presentation, such as this note from Bill Galuhn, the Executive Director of the Carecraft Group, who wrote: "I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you again for your excellent presentation and sales seminar given at the recent Carecraft Member's meeting. The sales tools provided certainly motivated many of our Members. Several have commented very positively since our meeting. When you hear statements such as: 'That is the best speaker and presentation I have heard at a sales seminar in a long time', you know that you are right on target."

Jim Manning, the Executive Director of the United Pool and Spa Association, representing Florida builders, has been in the pool industry for over 25 years and has seen a lot. He wasn't prepared for the response he heard from one attendee who felt that the program I will tell you about literally saved his career. In his words, “Hal has exactly what our industry needs, right now. He brings the science of selling to life for pool builders. I have heard a builder whose voice broke from emotion as he spoke about the value of this program. That’s very strong praise!”

While I am extremely grateful and even flattered by their comments, I have resolved that, for me, that is not enough. Why shouldn’t every student use what I have to offer and become more successful as a result? That is what I have set out to do and, so far, it’s working!

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