Hal Slater

The Gentle Art of

One Hour long in 22 separate chapters
Ideal for training yourself or a team
Includes 21 page workbook

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“The most practical, 'street smart' application of NLP to sales yet to come to my attention. Hal seems to be at the cutting edge of converting sales from an art into a learnable discipline. His customer centered approach to communications will produce results for anyone who uses it.
John Grinder, Ph.D.,
co-Founder of Neuro Linguistic Programming

"Hal Slater is a masterful presenter whose original insights represent a quantum leap in the Art of Selling."
Brian Tracy

“On-target, relevant, enjoyable. An intelligent, yet, simple approach to today’s number one business priority - sensitivity to the needs of the buyer. I would recommend it to anyone who has a need to persuade convincingly and gently."
Denis Waitely, Ph.D

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1 Introduction

To focus you on what you want to achieve
2 First Call Closing
Defines" first call closing" vs. "one call closing"
3 How People Buy
Describes how people rationalize after they decide
4 First Call Closing for Happier Customers
Show how to prevent buyers' "ghosts of doubt"
5 The Enemy File Cabinet
Things that keep people from acting today
6 Why People Buy on the First Call
Create "reasons to" buy without "reasons not to"
7 The Steps of the Sale
How to structure your sales presentation
8 Neurorapport Skills

To establish rapport at the subliminal level
9 Reading People
Sense their objections before they begin to build
10 Physiology of the Senses
How the mind and body are connected
11 Full Body Nod
Read the buyers' inner strategy

12 Extra Sales Perception
Neutralize objections before they occur
13 Building Emotion
To give them a good reason to buy today
14 Shower of Neurotransmitters
Help the buyer to accept and assimilate new ideas
15 Powerful Benefi Statements
Selling directly to the emotional mind

16 Tapping the Emotions
Using associations to enhance a product's esteem
17 Assumptive Closing Sequence

Obtain a commitment without buying resistance
18 Fire Closes
To stimulate emotion when there is "no reason to"
19 Smoke Closes
To discover and identify "reasons not to"
20 The Right Presentation
How to build the perfect presentation for you
21 Where to Improve
To diagnose your specific learning needs
22 Make the Decision
Learn from your current pattern when to close